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 To Avoid scams always purchase ASICs through us directly or from the manufacturer. Some of our clients have already lost of $15,000 to ASIC scams do not be next do not buy ASICS off eBay or any “official reseller” they don’t exist.

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Bitmain Sia A3

Due to the pending fork of Sia on the 31st we no longer offer this option. Stay tuned while we figure out another good promotion to set up!


Bitmain Bytom b3

This unit is used to mine the early release of the Bytom coin. It currently produces around 2 Bytom per day. You do not need to purchase this unit. Just 1 full month fees is due. Afterword it is $6 a day to mine with this unit. You do not need to pay for the unit.


New units coming soon!

Stay tuned for new ASIC arrivals in the bunker or drop us a line and tell us what you want to mine, Send us your ASIC and get moving. We are a full service here. You never have to worry the unit will stay cool and efficient.


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The next Future in bitcoin mining.

Owning one of these units is the full strength of the main chain on bitcoin. You can solo mine and hope for that full block or mine on a pool and get a steady income of coin. This unit will be around for many years just like the S9 as the Physics of creating such a chip is dramatic and is even harder then ever now. Pick one of these up and experience what it is to mine Bitcoin Itself.

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