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The Bit Bunker

The Bit Bunker was our secure mining facility located in Kentucky. These are just a few of the amazing features that lead so many clients to us and kept them here for over a year. On January 1st 2019 the facility officially closed due to the turn in the market.


Specs of where your rig is located. 



Evaporative cooling wall 

We take fresh, outside air and force it through these pads soaked in fresh, fast-moving cooled water. The air is cooled as cold as 20 degrees from the outside. This chilled air is then forced over your low sitting rig to keep it as cool as possible. The efficiency of this wall is remarkable. Standing in front of it makes it feel like you are wrapped in a blanked of cool air. 



Two exhaust fans are constantly pumping out heat. These amazing units never rest as they require every inch of the building to air all 36,000 cubit feet to be recycled with fresh air from that wall every 40 seconds. Your rigs are breathing like no other place as the lungs of the building cool them every second of every day.


Back up

With terabytes of data being moved out of the bunker to the world, we take back up lines very seriously. We have fiber as the main source, cable as a back up line, and multi-cell powered for an emergency. We spare no expense and run only Cat 7 cables to every rig. Our up-time currently sits at over 99%. 


ThoUsands of gallons 

The reason we move so many gallons is not because we are controlling leaks. It is because the water left over not being evaporated is replenished by 58 degree water in a 150 gallon reserve. This system is controlled remotely and programmed to a smart switch which talks to multiple water leak detectors to immediately shut off the system in case water were to make its way on the floor. 



In June of 2018 all prior cans on the pole outside were replaced with a brand new 50KVA. Supplying more power on 2 separate lines via single phase and 3 phase lines. These units are only the start of how much more power can still be added to the current building. We live monitor the power to adjust better performance daily.  As demand increases so does the supply.



Electric is the biggest challenge and greatest expense. To power over 300 GPUS and 16 ASICS it requires more electric than a small town of 70 households combined. We custom plan each and every pipe, wire, and breaker to match the perfect fit so your rig runs better and longer. Your unit will run on 240v without exception. 



We dare you to find a better location for your rig. Come mine with us today.