The Bit Bunker

It's been a long journey since we started mining in 2013. The first rig was built in a home in Kentucky and later expanded to a pole barn. In 2014, the market crashed and the machines were shut off. As time went on, prices increased, and a new mine emerged from the crawlspace of a home in Virginia in 2016. Other than the occasion flooding, this was the perfect spot for a small mine. 

Bit Bunker.PNG

The operation was moved to Pennsylvania in 2017 into a basement to house more rigs. Due to extenuating circumstance, the entire operation was moved once again in early 2018. This time, it was moved back to where it all started in the pole barn in Kentucky. But as the business grew, it became clear that it was time for something bigger and better.

In March of 2018, we moved down the road into our current home, which we affectionately call, "The Bit Bunker". The Bit Bunker is 5900 square feet and is home to our office as well as more than 50 rigs owned by 30+ clients. Check out the video below to see just how far we've come!