Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: No, there are no contracts! If you need us to shut off your rig temporarily, we will do it and not charge you.


Q: Is this a cloud mining service? 
A: No, you own the rigs!  We sell mining rigs and charge a hosting fee to maintain them and keep them operational.


Q: Can I really rent a rig for $1 a day per GPU?
A: Unfortunately, we do not rent rigs. You purchase the mining rigs and pay a hosting fee.


Q: How can I send payment for my rig purchase?
A: We accept crypto. You are able to pay via PayPal, but we do charge an additional 3% to cover the extra fees.


Q: What are the hosting fees? And how can I pay them?
A: We charge a hosting fee of $1-$5 a day per GPU.  Hosting for ASICS varies between $5-$10 per day. You will receive a bill at the end of each month for the rigs that you have hosted with us. You may pay with crypto.  


Q: Once I purchase a rig when can I expect it to be operational?
A: After we receive payment we get straight to work fulfilling your order. You can usually expect your rig to be operational within 15 business days.  We work hard to get orders built and operational as soon as possible, but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances. We love to exceed expectations! 


Q: Do you offer any discounts or referral programs
A:  We do not offer discounts on mining rigs.  However, we do have a referral program for our clients. If we receive a referral from a current client who has a rig hosted in our mine we will give them one month free of hosting fees! This applies to one rig only per referral.


Q: Will you manage my rig for me? 
A: We do not manage your rig. We will provide an initial set up on any coin you choose. Or we will set you up on Nicehash if you prefer.  After the initial set up of your rig our responsibility is to keep it up and running and operational.  Any future configuration changes are your responsibility.  


Q: How do I connect to my rig? 
A: You are able to log into your rig at anytime via Splashtop.  You control the rig, we have no access to your wallet or your coins!  You’re in full control in the driver’s seat!


Q: Is there a way I can get support?
A: We use a ticketing system through Atera. You will also be added to a private group on Telegram with us and also in a public group with other clients where you are able to get updates, ask questions, and discuss topics with our growing community.  


Q: What if my rig goes down? 
A: We are an expanding operation and sometimes have both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We send out updates on outages via Telegram. We are working on providing back up rigs for our miners. Gold Members get first priority! 


Q: What if I give it a try and am not happy with the service? 
A: We do not have a return policy but you own your rig so we will package it up and send it to you whenever you’d like! Just pay the shipping costs.  


Q: What if I want to upgrade my rig?
A: We are currently working on a trade-in program to help clients who would like to upgrade their rig as equipment advances.  


Q: Is my rig insured? 
A: Currently we do not offer insurance for rigs. You will be required to sign a waiver.