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Mining Facilites

What if you knew a way to get to the best mining farm option there was to best fit your needs? This can be custom tailored to you or be built to scale. Any size from your garage size, data center, to a gigawatts of power custom built for your tens of thousands of units.

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Eastern Pennsylvania

This is the most custom location for medium to semi large scale. Substation within 1 mile, 23 Acres, grandfathered lowhead dam, able to hold 2- 10’ propeller blades for wind, Register as clean and green certified organic certified farm, 18,000sqft facility on site, Gigawatts of power option. 15,000 Gallon Geothermal cooling, unlimited ice-cold cooling. Roof and field Solar quoted, Owner is a private businessman of 30+ years currently runs his own mining farm. Digital Gold is seeking an investor to build out this location.

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Western North Carolina

Currently under private only contracts. Also at capacity, has 73 acres fenced facility. 2 substations on site, powered by a dam a few miles away. 100+ Megawatts of power. Owner is a multi-billionaire with unlimited connections in the tech field. Request below to get notified when space is available.

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Western New York

Built over the last 5 years in multiple facilities is now hosting some of the cheapest power on the East Coast is in production of a large scale operation powered by hydrostation 400K sq ft of space owned and operated by a private business owner. This space will fill up fast so please get your quotes in.

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This is a private farm that has handled multiple large scale clients. not only currently but moving them in and out. This also has limited space and very private the contact is behind 3 layers of individuals.


Cental Indiana

This is a private farm that has over 7 MW of power. Currently can hold 500kw Available right now. Has a built out capacity to a large scale options. Access to 2 full time techs 24/7 Support. Currently a private farm but willing to sell or host large amounts of GPUS.


Who are you?

Do you have a facility that you want to be listed here? All contacts are screened and asked to prove there location and business model.