Currently we are accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. If you send the payment via Coinbase using email digiegold@gmail.com there is no fee.

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To send payment via all other online and offline wallets use the addresses below:

You will pay appropriate network fees. 
BTC- 1MrCRx6mXoMRdQK4EjXN5QgjyraWF3rpPX
LTC- LXZ5tc66mdb6yj2Yi3nBNbGfDjiFDuLaNG
ETH- 0xB4317b7ba9CAAeb63ea2b6d48c6117d3FA728456
BCH- 1L1qGv5phYnZeBf5g8pT1dNRCZZG4V54DU