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Currently we are accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. If you send the payment via Coinbase using email there is no fee.

Quick pay your fees Click here. 

To send payment via all other online and offline wallets use the addresses below:

You will pay appropriate network fees. 
BTC- 1MrCRx6mXoMRdQK4EjXN5QgjyraWF3rpPX
LTC- LXZ5tc66mdb6yj2Yi3nBNbGfDjiFDuLaNG
ETH- 0xB4317b7ba9CAAeb63ea2b6d48c6117d3FA728456
BCH- 1L1qGv5phYnZeBf5g8pT1dNRCZZG4V54DU