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Digital Gold
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When you purchase a rig from us, we will build it as quickly as possible.  We then host your mining rig here in our mining facility for $5.00* per ASIC!  This no-contract fee covers the following: 

-Heat control
-Driver updates
-Cleaning (they get dusty)
-Emergency Repair/Reboot Rig within 24-48hr
-Daily System back up
-Electric fee
-Storage fee
-Private 24/7 Community via Telegram/Discord
-Full remote access via Splashtop
-Secure facility
-Wireless 24/7 Alarm System


This is available to customers worldwide. We offer a unique way for you to own your own personal equipment and be free of the heat, electric, and repairs without a contract. When you're ready to store your rig yourself, just pay shipping costs and we will send it to you.

*Rates may vary on ASICS depending on the power draw.