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When you purchase a rig from us, we will build it as quickly as possible.  We then host your mining rig here in our mining facility for $1.00 a day per GPU for an RX580, $2.00 for NVIDIA and $5.00* per ASIC!  This no-contract fee covers the following: 

-Heat control
-Driver updates
-Cleaning (they get dusty)
-Emergency Repair/Reboot Rig within 24-48hr
-Mining System back up
-Checklists such as Wattage, Mhs, Performance
-Load Balanced Ethernet up/down
-DDOS Protection
-Electric fee
-Storage fee
-24/7 Community via Telegram app
-Full remote access via Splashtop
-RMA repair/replace
-Back up rig (coming 2018)
-Secure facility
-Wireless 24/7 Alarm System


This is available to customers worldwide. We offer a unique way for you to own your own personal equipment and be free of the heat, electric, and repairs without a contract. When you're ready to store your rig yourself, just pay shipping costs and we will send it to you.

Unfortunately we do not have rigs for rent and we do not host rigs that have not been purchased from us.


*Rates may vary on ASICS depending on the power draw.