Have us host for $1 a day!


Have us host for $1 a day!


With the ability to have optimum storage, decentralization, and access to a terrific community we have found a way that for $1 per card we will keep your Rig safe here in our Mine. Purchase one from us. 

 It covers the following:
-Heat control
-Driver updates
-Cleaning (they get dusty)
-Weekly full rig reboots
-Checklists such as Wattage, Mhs, Performance
-Gigabit Ethernet up/down
-Electric fee
-Storage fee
-Webcam access (you can watch your rigs live)
-Full remote access
-Security (only a select trusted few know where this location is) 

This is available to international and state side customers. We really feel like you will enjoy this option and when you're ready to store your rig yourself it's you only pay shipping or list it on our upcoming Rig marketplace.  

*If you choose to remote in and up the power settings on your GPUs against our optimization. You are welcome to do so as they are your rigs, however it will cost us more in power therefore the fee will go up to $1.50 per card*

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