Welcome to the first of its kind

Digital Gold Systems

Why choose such a thing?
— you the miner

  • Freaky fast full remote access with file transfer, 2FA, Audio and collaboration.

  • Proprietary super secret software. Want in on the inner circle. Want to premine?

  • Sell your hash for cash! Ever wish you could resell your hash power?

  • Bulk discount RIG and ASIC parts. Combined with international products.

  • Private collaboration with high net worth individuals in the hundreds of millions.

  • Sell your used equipment to the masses, There are buyers do you know them?

  • Purchase verified used high quality equipment.

  • Private secure close loop pools for mining and pre mining.

  • Sell your service to the community. What is your talent? I have a buyer.

  • VOIP and Video support for all your rig questions. Chat direct!

  • 1st pick for jobs in the crypto space. I want you to run the next facility.


First Beta 50 is $48 a month